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What is the American Southwest?

Posted by Alyssa Clevelle on

©Robert Claiborne / Used with permissionThe American Southwest has had wide and varied definitions applied to it throughout the last 150 years. Regardless of which definition is used, however, Arizona and New Mexico are always included, and western Texas is regularly included as well. Geology, culture, ecology, and history are the main factors when discussing the definition. Here at Land of Endless Sky, we consider Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas to be the heart of the Southwest, and we proudly offer outstanding products from all three states.

Today, the American Southwest is narrowly defined as Arizona, New Mexico, western Texas, and the southernmost regions of Colorado and Utah. We boast wide-open spaces, big skies, large cities, small populations, tumbleweed, volcanic rock, deserts, mountains, rattle snakes, and a rich, cultural history which includes several American Indian tribes and Spanish colonialists, with an oral and recorded history spanning centuries.

While the geography can be daunting, the people are friendly and hard-working. Many adventures await visitors, and locals are pleased to share the vibrant culture which helps define the region.

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