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About Us

 Land of Endless Sky is part of a family of online stores founded and operated by husband-and-wife team Rob and Edie Claiborne under the name Southwest Vistas. Our story began in 1999 with a small bookstore on eBay. Back then, online shopping was a brand new concept, and we started out selling a few books from our personal library.

  We loved "meeting" our customers online and being able to put great books into their hands. From that simple beginning, Edie's Books and More grew to become a successful online store serving customers from around the world with a unique selection of books, vintage collectibles, and products from the American Southwest.

  We are located in the beautiful state of New Mexico, and several years ago we began offering a selection of Southwest products to our bookstore customers. People loved being able to purchase these unique items online - and in 2015, we opened Land of Endless Sky as a store exclusively devoted to products from this beautiful and culturally rich region.

  Our company has grown and changed since we opened that first small eBay store, but our dedication to customer service remains the same.  Land of Endless Sky, like every store in the Southwest Vistas family, is committed to providing our customers with wonderful products, easy online shopping, exceptional service, and fast, secure shipping.