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Every region has symbols which clearly define it and encapsulate its personality. These products, flora, fauna, and geography represent its history, people, and values to the world. The American Southwestern states are no different

Here are a few of the more commonly recognized symbols of Texas. Be sure to check the links at the end of the article for even more symbols. Some of them may surprise you!

The Lone Star flag flew above the Republic of Texas starting in 1839. It followed Texas into Statehood. The flag's colors stand for bravery (red), purity (white), and loyalty (blue). The solitary star (Lone Star) is proudly displayed in homes around the country, representing a love for Texas and rural living.


Although many others argued staunchly for different State Flowers (including former Vice President John "Cactus Jack" Nance Garner), the bluebonnet was officially adopted in 1901. Texas also went one step further (because they're Texas, and you go big or go home) by using the bluebonnet as the basis for many of its other state symbols, including the State Tartan and State Song.


The roots for most of our modern cowboy imaginings typically start with Texas' State Large Mammal, the longhorn. Officially named in 1995, one cannot see longhorn cattle without thinking Texas. The descendants of cattle brought from Spain to the Americas by Columbus in 1493, they are ideal for the harsh and dramatic American Southwest. The longhorns were driven nearly to extinction in the 1920s, but due to Texas' efforts, the breed was saved. The longhorn belongs to Texas, and Texas belongs to the longhorn.Cast Iron Dutch Oven

It makes sens that this would be elevated to Texas' State Cooking Implement. It conjures up images of cowboys resting by a campfire, cooking beans after a long day of driving cattle, vast skies littered with stars overhead, cattle lowing in the background, and maybe a harmonica easing the strain of the day while soothing the animals to sleep. Still popular today, this useful cooking post just seems to say Texas.


What else is more logical to make in a cast iron dutch oven than chili? And no one is more proud of their chili stew than Texas. It's quintessential Texas, making it the State Dish.

Chuck Wagon

And to round everything out, don't forget the State Vehicle. The Chuck Wagon! Once again hearkening back to the days when cattle and cowboys roamed the plains, chuck wagons go hand in hand with Texas' agricultural history.

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