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Desert Magazine 14 Vintage Issues 1954 - 1955

Desert Magazine 14 Vintage Issues 1954 - 1955

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Bundle of 14 vintage issues of Deseert Magazine from the 1950s:

  • January 1954
  • February 1954
  • May 1954
  • September 1954
  • November 1954
  • January 1955
  • February 1955
  • March 1955
  • June 1955
  • July 1955
  • August 1955
  • September 1955
  • October 1955
  • December 1955

Articles in this bundle include:

  • "Bulldozers Followed the Archeologists..." by reknowned Southwest author Dorothy L. Pillsbury tells the story of the cooperation between National Park Service archeologist Dr. Jesse Nusbaum and the El Paso Natural Gas Company to carry out archeological investigation across a 450 mile stretch of the Southwest prior to digging of a pipeline to the west coast. 
  • "The Sewing Basket's Secret" about the discovery of uranium rich property discovered in the mountains of western New Mexico.
  • A profile of Harry Wright, an Arizona farmer who once rode with Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show
  • A series of articles by naturalist Edmund C. Jaeger describing his explorations throughout the deserts of the American Southwest
  • Profile of Apache artist Allan Houser
  • The Sutro Tunnel in Nevada
  • The story of Shine Smith, missionary to the Navajos
  • "Hens that Lay Wooden Eggs" tells the story of a hen house in what was once a Navajo hogan (home)
  • Numerous articles on rockhounding in the desert

In acceptable condition. The covers on several issues are detached or nearly detached from the bindings; several issues have water staining and/or cover soiling.

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