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Desert Magazine 1954 Entire Year Set 12 Issues

Desert Magazine 1954 Entire Year Set 12 Issues

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Desert Magazine 1954 entire year set. Articles in this collection include:

  • "Bulldozers Followed the Archeologists..." by reknowned Southwest author Dorothy L. Pillsbury tells the story of the cooperation between National Park Service archeologist Dr. Jesse Nusbaum and the El Paso Natural Gas Company to carry out archeological investigation across a 450 mile stretch of the Southwest prior to digging of a pipeline to the west coast. 
  • "The Sewing Basket's Secret" about the discovery of uranium rich property discovered in the mountains of western New Mexico.
  • "Government Sheep Herder..." details the work of the U.S. Fish and Game Service to protect the and preserve the endangered Desert Bighorn Sheep
  • An article on how to build your own rock tumbler
  • Longtime Navajo trader Joe Kerley tells of his personal experiences on the reservation in "Navajos Im Have Known"
  • A series of articles by naturalist Edmund C. Jaeger describing his explorations throughout the deserts of the American Southwest
  • "They Wouldn't Be Civilized" explores the unique culture of the Seri Indians of Tiburon Island in the Gulf of California
  • A profile of Glenn L. Emmons, 38th Commissioner of the Bureau of Indian Affiars
  • An account of four students from Colorado A & M College who successfully climbed to the top of Shiprock Mountain
  • A profile of Harry Wright, an Arizona farmer who once rode with Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show
  • Numerous articles on rockhounding in the desert

The front cover of the August issue has almost entirely separated from the binidng, and has a large tear. All other magazines in the set are in good condition, with intact covers, edge and corner wear, some creased page corners, creasing on back cover of April issue.



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