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Hand-Carved Cottonwood Christmas Ornament Navajo Hogan New Mexico Artisan Made

  • $ 2999


These magnificent hand-carved cottonwood ornaments were created by New Mexico artists Neal and Ophelia Crosier, a husband and wife artistic team who work side by side in their studio to craft their extraordinary pieces. Each element of these ornaments is meticulously hand-carved, with beautiful detailing.

The ornaments are crafted from pieces of real New Mexico cottonwood tree bark which the artists gather from the surrounding outdoors and then carve. The unique texture of the cottonwood bark realistically simulates the appearance of the rugged cliffs and bluffs of New Mexico, resulting in a truly remarkable one-of-a-kind piece of art.

These ornaments depict a Navajo Indian hogan: a distinctive circular or six-sided house constructed of logs or stone, with a doorway facing East and a smoke hole in the center of the roof. 

  • Each ornament is a unique work of art, with a one-of-a-kind size and shape determined by the piece of wood from which it was crafted, and with individual variations in paintwork and design
  • Signed on the bottom side by the artist
  • Includes a black cord hanger

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