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Jackalope by Janet Stevens Book and Plush Gift Set for Children

  • $ 3299


Little ones will love this hilarious fractured fairy tale by Janet Stevens about the legendary Jackalope, and also the matching soft plush jackalope that comes with it.

The American western legend of the jackalope gets a delightful twist in this story. The narrator, an armadillo in cowboy boots, introduces us to some famous Jacks (Jack-in-the-box and Jack-of-all-trades) and famous rabbits (Mad Hatter, Easter Bunny) and then tells the of a jackrabbit who wants to be scary but knows he isn't. Wishing on a star brings his fairy godmother, who gives him a pair of horns, thus turning him a jackalope. But of course, things don't go quite the way he'd hoped...!

Adding to the fun is a cute 11" plush jackalope that your child can cuddle while s/he reads.

It's a perfect gift for children ages 4-8!

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