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Navajo Artisan Crafted Fleece Blanket Bears and Horses

  • $ 2799


These delightful fleece animals were hand crafted by Navajo Indian artists in northern New Mexico. 

In the early 1900s, weaver Joe Rawnsley from Pendleton Mills spent six months among the Native American tribes of the Southwest developing blanket designs that incorporated traditional tribal design elements and Native religious themes. Pendleton blankets soon became a popular item at Navajo Trading Posts, and many Navajo women crafted stuffed animals for their children using pieces from Pendleton blankets.

Today many Navajo artisans continue to create these charming animals from fleece blankets featuring traditional Native American designs. 

Each animal is unique.

  • Horses are 9" tall and 10" long, with shiny button eyes and tails and manes made from yarn with metallic thread accents
  • Bears are approximately 12" tall and 10 1/2" wide, with black button eyes and noses and a tiny fleece tail. 

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