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Navajo Etched Pot Artist Myron Charley Blue Green Metallic

Navajo Etched Pot Artist Myron Charley Blue Green Metallic

  • $ 7500


This wonderful etched horse hair pot was created by Navajo artist Myron Charley. Intricately-crafted and beautifully-painted in shades of blue, green, and copper, it features Kokopelli the flute player.

Navajo etched pottery is crafted from either red terracotta or white gypsum clay, and hand-painted on a wheel while the clay is still soft. Etched designs are then made in the clay using fine carving tools. After the piece has been fired, the design shows clearly and permanently through.

Horse hair pottery such as this includes an extra step in which hair from the tail and mane of a horse are sprinkled on the pot at just the right moment so that the hair will burn into the pot, forming black lines that give each pot a unique design that cannot be repeated.

  • 6" wide, approximately 4.5" tall, with tapered sides, 1.5" opening at the neck
  • Beautiful metallic paintwork on white gypsum body
  • Signed by the artist on the bottom

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