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Navajo Handmade Indian Art Cloth Teddy Bear

Navajo Handmade Indian Art Cloth Teddy Bear

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This wonderful Teddy Bear was handmade by Navajo artist Frederick Jim. It is made of traditional Navajo cloth printed in a colorful Navajo art print. Cloth animals such as these have been crafted for many generations by Navajo mothers for their children, using the traditional woven cloth and velveteen commonly found on the reservation.

Today Mr. Jim and other Navajo artisans continue this tradition in their creations. Each animal is individually handmade and is unique.

This cuddly bear is 14" tall and about 9 1/2" wide, with bright button eyes, plastic nose, and a gold jingle bell tied around his neck with yarn.

Not for children under 3 years of age: possible choking hazard.

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