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Navajo Sandpainting Yei Christmas Ornaments

  • $ 1299


These wonderful sandpainting ornaments were created by Navajo artists here in New Mexico. The Navajo art of sandpainting originated from traditional healing ceremonies. Sandpaintings are very colorful and detailed, and each figure carries a special meaning. The colors used for sand painting are derived from many different sources, including colored rocks, roots, flowers, sand, bark, ashes, and cactus.

The "Yei" image is frequently used in sandpaintings and depicts the supernatural beings of the Navajo religion. The front side of each of these ornaments features a Yei image; the back sides all display the mountain image shown at the left.

Scroll through our gallery of images to choose the style(s) you like best. Each ornament is individually crafted and unique, so please be aware that the ornament you receive may be slightly different in appearance than those pictured here.

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