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Southwest Adobe House Christmas Ornament  Hand-Carved Cottonwood

Southwest Adobe House Christmas Ornament Hand-Carved Cottonwood

  • $ 2095


These magnificent hand-carved cottonwood ornaments were created by New Mexico artists Neal and Ophelia Crosier, a husband and wife artistic team who work side by side in their studio to craft their extraordinary pieces. Each element of these ornaments is meticulously hand-carved, with beautiful detailing.

The ornaments are crafted from pieces of real New Mexico cottonwood which the artists gather and then carve, utilizing the unique characteristics of each piece to create a beautiful, one-of-a-kind work of art that wonderfully simulates the landscape of New Mexico.

These ornaments depict a traditional Southwest adobe house, set against a mountain background.The ornaments include beautiful artistic detailing, including the canales (rain gutters) used in traditional adobe construction, and a red chile ristra hanging on the wall beside the door.

  • Each ornament is a unique work of art, with a one-of-a-kind size and shape determined by the piece of wood from which it was crafted, and with individual variations in paintwork and design
  • Signed on the bottom side by the artist
  • Includes a black cord hanger

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