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Southwest Colors Book and Plush Roadrunner Children's Gift Set

  • $ 2150


Preschoolers and gradeschoolers alike will enjoy this book and plush gift set. Southwest Colors by Andrea Helman takes young readers on a photographic journey of the colorful Southwest. Mammals, insects, landscapes, amphibians, plant life, and birds all visually illustrate the bursts of color that are the Southwest. 

  • Discover spicy reds, cool greens, and vibrant blues with each turn of the page. Little ones will love the vibrant photos and color matching; older kids will enjoy learning interesting facts about the animals and plants of the Southwest.
  • The book is paired with Racer the Roadrunner. The roadrunner is one of the most loved and familiar animals of the American Southwest, and this cute and cuddly 8" plush roadrunner is sure to capture your child's heart.

Perfect for kids 3-9!

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