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Southwestern Soapworks Southwest Scented Hand and Body Lotions

  • $ 1050


Southwest Soapworks lotions capture the unique fragrances of the Southwest in a rich, creamy aloe vera lotion you'll love. Specially formulated to nourish and smooth skin exposed to the sun, wind, high altitude and dry air that typify New Mexico, you'll find this lotion is perfect for protecting your skin wherever you are!

Choose from these delightful Southwest scents, each in a 4-oz bottle:

  • Cedar and Sage: An earthy blend of fragrances from the high mountain woods of the Southwest
  • Desert Rainstorm: A light, clean fragrance that both men and women enjoy
  • Lavender and Sweetgrass: Combines the relaxing fragrance of lavender and the unforgettable scent of sweetgrass
  • Mountain Cider: Sure to remind you of sitting in a ski lodge warming up with a hot steaming cup of apple cider!
  • Prickly Pear: The sweet, fruity fragrance of desert cactus

Sold singly and in economical 2-packs.


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